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Alpha Air HVAC is a full-service Air Conditioning and Heating company. Providing Affordable AC Repair and Installation Services. Whether you’re looking for affordable Heating & AC repair, Heater & AC install or Heater & AC maintenance, “Alpha Air is always there” give us a call today 702.969.0000. Our service area includes the greater Las Vegas metro area including: Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, & Henderson.



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Measures to take to have a Reliable Air Conditioner all year long:


Like any working mechanical item, we must maintain it, for the best results. If you dont get a oil change on your car every certain amount of miles, it will start to wear out. Same thing goes with your home Air Conditioning and Heating system. 

So what are some of the measures you can take? Getting your system maintained by a professional HVAC Tech, annually. Maintenance usually includes: deep cleaning of the coils, making sure the AC unit is running properly, replacing the filters, and repairing any minor leaks and/or adding freon to make sure your AC Unit is running smoothly.

AC maintenance is a lot more affordable then wearing out your system to be left suprised with a air conditioner that is not working in the middle of the summer heat! These small measures annualy can ensure a long lasting, cost effective Air Conditioning System.


Alpha Air takes great pride in Installing only the Highest Quality of Air Conditioning & Heating Units. All of our Installed AC Units are backed by a 10 year manufacturer warranty. Here is a list of Brands we work with, the names you can trust:



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